Terms and conditions

These rules and guidelines reflect the agreement offered by ADVANTI ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL W.L.L (“ADVANTI”) to its customers/clients with regards to retail products and services. By visiting the ADVANTI.COM website or purchasing products from ADVANTI, you explicitly agree to comply with the followings terms and conditions, as mentioned below:


General Terms

  • Most items offered by ADVANTI are covered by a standard 1 year warranty from date of purchase and is subject to manufacturer terms, usage regulations and conditions.
  • All warranty claims must be pursued within the warranty period.
  • Warranty claims will be entertained only with the accompanying receipt or invoice. It is the responsibility of the customer to retain such documentation.
  • Products should have the serial number label and warranty stickers visible and any such tampering of the above said labels will result in disqualification.
  • Any product that was DOA (dead on arrival) or non-functional out of the box, it must be reported and returned within 3 business days of purchase.
  • For display monitors, dead pixel policy by the manufacturer is final and binding.
  • Sales transactions are final upon approval of quotations. We do not entertain returns, refunds, replacements or exchanges unless in event of damage/non-functionality.


Return Merchandise Authorization (Manufacturer supported returns and replacements)



 Only items that have their original packaging boxes, CDs, manuals, cables and accessories in fair condition shall be eligible for returns under the warranty. Products without any of the above will be categorically rejected. Consumable items such as ink cartridges, ribbons, etc. that have been opened will not be accepted.

 Items that have been burnt, or physically damaged in any way, including bent edges, scratches, dents and cut cables will not be honored under any circumstances.

 Any unauthorized after-market modification of the products/items will disqualify the warranty.



 Once the items are received from the customer in the event of warranty claim, it will initially be tested to verify the nature and extent of non-functionality. Once it is validated by our technical team, a request will be dispatched to the manufacturer, who will then inform us of the options, particulars of service and time duration that can be availed to the customer.



 If the product can be repaired or the issue fixed, the manufacturer is not entitled to provide a new replacement.

 RMA replacements/repairs will be provided within a minimum of 2 weeks subject to manufacturer’s response time.

 New product replacements, which are issued in place of the original product under claim, carry over the remaining applicable warranty period of the original purchase item.

 In the event that the manufacturer is unable to provide a replacement under warranty claim, due to the product being an end-of-life model or lack of supplies, they will offer either an alternative product model in its category or a refund based on the current market value of the non-operational product, after depreciation. Such a replacement or refund may not be proportional to the original value of the product.

 Customers are not entitled to temporary usage solutions during the RMA process; due to the rapid rate of technological advancements, the product in question may already be outdated and depreciated, hence does not justify a newer, higher priced version/sealed component as a temporary usage. Only customers who have purchased ADVANTI certified systems in their entirety can avail such service, subject to stock availability.


Final Terms

 ADVANTI reserves the right to refuse/reject any product for RMA under any circumstances and at any time and is not obliged to explain the reasons behind such decisions. Only under extenuating circumstances, we may treat an individual case with exception to the established guidelines.

 ADVANTI is not responsible for any indirect and incidental damages caused by the products we retail, to either the system in question or personal.

Our Website contains a large number of goods and it is always possible that, despite our best efforts, some of the goods listed on our Website may be incorrectly priced. We are under no obligation to provide any product to you at the incorrect price, even after we have sent you an Order Confirmation, if an error in our pricing is found. The price will be verified once your order is assembled.

If an error in our pricing is found, we'll inform you as soon as possible by telephone or email and offer you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling your order. If you cancel, we will refund or re-credit you for any sum that has been paid by you or debited from your credit/debit card for the goods. If you do not confirm or cancel your order within 3 working days of notification we will assume that you wish to cancel your order and your order will be cancelled by us.

 ADVANTI reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.