Shark Proof Smart Watch, Tracker Liquid Glass screen Protector - 2.860 w/o vat 3bd w/ vat

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  • ✶Smart Watch Sensor Protection Shark Proof Liquid Screen Protector for Smart Watches is the best Smart Watch sensor protection which protects your Smart Watch Sensors from liquids, Sweat, and Germs.
  • ✶Scratch Resistant: Shark Proof is the World’s Best Scratch Resistant Screen Protector for All Smart Watches Including Apple Smart Watches, Samsung Smart Watch and Many More!
  • ✶Water Repellent: Made with Water Repellent Nanotechnology, Shark Proof protects your Smart Watch from Water and Oil Spills. Wait No More, Protect Your Smart Watches Now!
  • ✶Easy-to-Apply: Shark Proof Sachet 1 to clean the entire screen of your Smart Watch. Leave it for a few minutes, buff off using micro fiber cloth, and apply the Sachet 2 effectively.
  • ✶Satisfaction You Need: We provide Quick Shipping and Ensure Customer Satisfaction. We are always available for Customer Support 24/7, helping Customers Around the Clock.

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Shark Proof Smart Watch Liquid Glass Protector

Shark Proof Smart Watch Liquid Glass Protector – The Worlds No.1 Liquid Wipe On Protection against Scratches, Germs, Liquids, Sweat with Pure Certified Nanotechnology.

So you have a fancy smart watch, an apple watch, Samsung watch, maybe a fitbit, or a shiny new swim-tracker for laps watch, or that expensive Rolex, or Tag watch, or did you just save up your hard earned earnings for that shiny new Omega? Now you don’t want a flimsy screen protector which you takes years to stick and get the bubbles out, you also need something to protect your back sensors, so what do you do? You Shark Proof It! The worlds, first, original and best invisible protective coatings for watches – front and back.

Shark Proof The Only Liquid Screen Protection that Protects the FRONT & BACK OF THE WATCH!

With 9H Hardness, simple and easy to use wipe which is exactly the same as a handy wipe, all you do is wipe on sachet 1 which cleans the entire watch, strap, back, sensors, and all, and then leave for a few mins, and then buff off using the microfibre cloth, and then apply sachet 2 – the magic stuff from Shark Proof, our proprietary pure Nanoliquid Technology, a pure breed of science which bonds to your screen and sensors, is micro thin and invisible, leaves 100% no residue or smears or bubbles, and provides you protection for up to a whole year. Shark Proof Protects against scratches, germs, liquids and more, even your sweat! When was the last time you cleaned the back of your watch? Never right? Well your sensors are getting damaged daily because of your sweat, bet you didn’t know that, next time your in the gym and burning calories and your watch is telling you that you have done 500 calories, you can bet your backside that you’ve probably done a little more, but the sensor is so greasy and dirty that its not reading it right!

Shark Proof For ANY BRAND, Apple Watches, Samsung Watches, FitBits, Rolex’s, Gucci’s Tag’s – whatever the brand, #SharkProof

100% Invisible, 100% Residue and smear free, 100% Liquid Repellent, and even reduces fingerprints. Give me one good reason why you don’t have Shark Proof on your fancy watch? You protect your phones, your laptops, your consoles, so why aren’t you protecting your watch which is the closest thing on you?

Coffee, Beer, Wine, Water, Smoothies, Protein Shakes, Mud AND CHLORINE REPELLENT!

Now you’re thinking, what if I dropped water over my watch, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes, mud, or my IP68 Water Proof watch in the swimming pool – but is Chlorine safe? NO IT ISN’T! Bet that they didn’t tell you that when it came out of the box, the more you use your smart watch under water in chlorine filled swimming pools the more your sensors will get ruined, its science, acids and alkali’s bashing your super sensitive screen and sensors, so what will you do? A thick ugly plastic casing which gets waterlogged or Shark Proof which completely protects inside and out, over and back without you even knowing its there.

Shark Proof Available in over 20,000 Retail Locations Worldwide, Award Winning ISO9001 Certified and loved by over 500,000 customers worldwide.

We pride ourselves in offering only the highest in quality so please order with confidence, Nanotechnology is all we do, we create and manufacture in our own warehouses in Europe (not China) our unique liquid formulations, tested by lab rats and scientists and trusted by 10’s of thousands of people worldwide. Please reach us with any questions that you may have.

Package Contains: Your Shark Proof SP3 SmartWatch and Fitness Tracker Protector pack contains 1 x Microfibre Cloth 1 x Cleaner Primer / 1 x Liquid Glass Sachet 1 x Manual



We only use the purest of nanotechnology in our products which makes it 100% safe to use on all your smart wear. Non Toxic, even the entire packaging is recyclable.









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