Lifesmart Cololight Pro - 3 Pack Starter Kit with Stand-Lifesmart LS161

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  • Enjoys fun of DIY: Up to 20 blocks can be spliced together to make various shapes, shows gorgeous & amazing effects and creates romantic & joyful atmosphere
  • Voice Control: Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 16 million colors, 3 color selection modes (Selected, Dynamic & Customized)
  • Dynamic Effects & Sound Activated: Color changes along with music
  • Explores through APP: dimmable function, auto ON/OFF, memory function (system default)
  • Touch sensor on the back to change light color (system default)
  • Intelligent Scene Linkage: Auto lighting up when opening door (Should be used with sensor)
  • Comes with reinforced base for lying flat on the table
  • Hexagon design, 19 LEDs of each light block and no dark area on the surface
  • Split & Joint: Straight and precise edge for seamless connectionLow power consumption and energy saving
  • No hub or bridge required, Directly Controlled through App on Smartphone
  • Provides dining, living and so many other scenes with various experiences

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In order to make everyone enjoy the fresh excitement brought by smart products in the comfort zone, LifeSmart, the world's leading AIoT technology brand, strongly launched the hexagonal splicing smart quantum light Pro <ColoLight Pro Kit >. Users can piece together modules to create a variety of lighting. The latest ColoLight Pro controller also allows users to choose the controller/APP to receive the sound, so that the lighting effects can follow the rhythm of the sound. The user can turn on the "listening to sound color effect" anytime, anywhere, and change the lighting effect with the ambient sound. The users of the Pro version can also customize the color changing effects with the sound, such as lighting color matching, brightness and color conversion speed, to create a better party effect and atmosphere. Taking into account the user's convenience in setting, the new version of the controller adds Bluetooth pairing to make it easier for users to complete ColoLight Pro configuration. There are many ways to play quantum lights. After the [ColoLight APP] (iOS/Android) upgrade, players can choose 16 million colors and a variety of themed colorful dynamic effects, as well as customize each quantum light Color, easily piece together your favorite shape, logo or character. The lightweight design is more convenient for you to hang on the wall or put it on the table to add to the atmosphere at home!

Upgrade the controller to receive the rhythm and customize the color change effect with the sound
The latest controller of ColoLight Pro also allows users to choose to use the controller/APP to receive the sound to make the lighting effect follow the rhythm; if the user chooses to choose the controller to receive the sound, regardless of whether the mobile phone and the quantum light are on the same Wi-Fi network, The breathing light effect can be played with music/chat rhythm at home or at a party, which can easily help you create a moving atmosphere. Pro version users can also customize the color change effect with the sound, such as changing the light color matching, brightness and color conversion Speed, etc. to create a better party and music atmosphere.

Hexagonal stitching gameplay upgrade! Customize the color of each quantum lamp
ColoLight Pro inherits the flexible and lightweight hexagonal design of the quantum light, which can be freely combined. The user can easily splice multiple quantum lights through the attached buckle to piece together the pattern in your heart. Each group of quantum lights only needs to be connected to an intelligent controller, and it can be powered by USB, and control multiple quantum lights in a group manner in [ColoLight APP]. ColoLight Pro has built-in 16 million colors, and the brightness and hue of the colors can be adjusted in the APP. [ColoLight APP] also has nine preset themed colorful dynamic effects, such as rainbow, aurora, peach blossom and many other breathing light effects. You can also customize the breathing light effect, color change speed and direction, etc. Quantum lights, which have always played a variety of ways, have recently added new functions. You can customize the color of each quantum light. It also has a built-in "fun game library" with a variety of preset effect options, such as Spider-Man, Christmas tree and Lightning. The shape lets you choose. Regardless of any scene, ColoLight Pro can set thousands of color changes to change the atmosphere, always create an excellent atmosphere, let participants feel different atmospheres, and feel more happy.

ColoLight APP remote control time schedule
The design of ColoLight Pro is thoughtful. Users can also use [ColoLight APP] (iOS/Android) for remote control and time scheduling. It can be used as a smart switch to match your work and rest time or working hours, which can save power smartly and don’t worry. Forget to turn off the quantum light.

Three-step easy Bluetooth pairing
Taking into account the user's convenience in setting, the new version of the ColoLight Pro controller adds Bluetooth for pairing, allowing users to complete ColoLight Pro configuration faster and more conveniently. The user only needs to install the ColoLight on the controller, download [ColoLight APP] (iOS/Android) and create a LifeSmart account, then the ColoLight Pro can be connected to the router at home with 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless signal via Bluetooth, through the APP. Remotely control the lighting effect of the quantum lamp. From then on, users can switch and change the ColoLight effect with one button no matter where they are, no matter they use mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Lightweight design can be wall mounted/placed on the table
ColoLight Pro Kit includes 3 quantum lights, Pro version smart controller and 2 connection buckles. The hexagonal design is light and handy. Users can put the included base on the table. Less than ten quantum lights can be easily used in Blu-Tack (blue). Treasure stickers) stick on the wall for decoration, easy to install or remove. Users can also add a single lamp of the ColoLight basic version to combine more different forms to easily build your smart home!

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