Asus ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, NX Red Mech Switches - ENG/ARA Keys - 90MP02I6-BKCA00

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  • Tri-mode connection: Use Bluetooth to connect and switch between three devices; enjoy up to 60 hours of low-latency gameplay in 2.4 GHz RF wireless mode; or use standard wired USB connection
  • ROG NX mechanical switches: Lubricated stem for smooth clicks, lubricated housing to eliminate bouncing noises, fast actuation and ROG-tuned force curves for great keystroke feel with great keystroke consistency.
  • ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps: Provide a solid typing feel and long-lasting durability (keycap material may vary by region)
  • Essential ROG Strix Scope series features: Each keyboard includes FPS-ready extended Ctrl key, instant media/function toggle switch, and Stealth key
  • Built to last: Durable aluminum alloy with sandblasted finish
  • Magnetic wrist rest: Large, padded design ensures comfort during gaming marathons
  • Unlimited customization: Aura Sync RGB LED technology for unlimited personalization options

  • $127.26
Dark purple background with web-like lines The ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe sits at an angle with rainbow coloured RGB lighting

Victory with unmatched connectivity

Unleash your potential with the ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe gaming keyboard. Featuring ROG NX switches and offering great versatility with tri-mode connectivity via 2.4 GHz RF, Bluetooth® and wired USB, the Scope NX Wireless Deluxe incorporates classic Strix Scope features to power you to victory.
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Versatile Tri-Mode Connectivity

The 2.4 GHz RF mode offers up to 60 hours of stable, uninterrupted near-zero-latency gameplay, even with RGB lighting on. Alternatively, you can use Bluetooth mode to connect to up to three devices at the same time, or charge and play simultaneously in wired USB mode.
See the ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe in wired USB mode

The ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe in wired mode, sitting on the Scabbard II mousepad and accompanied by the Chakram X mouse

See the ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe in 2.4GHz RF mode

2.4 GHz RF

The ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe in wireless 2.4 GHz mode accompanied by the wireless Chakram X mouse on a desktop
See the ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe in Bluetooth mode

A close up picture of the ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe, with the Fn Key and the number keys 7,8,9,0 highlighted 

A close up picture of the ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe, with the Function Key and the number keys 7,8,9,0 highlighted
  1. Select Bluetooth mode via the switch on the keyboard.
  2. Pair with devices by holding the Function key (fn) and the 7 key until the ROG logo backlight starts to blink.
  3. Hold the Function key (fn) together with the 8/9/0 keys to switch between three paired devices on the fly.

ROG NX Mechanical Switch

ROG NX mechanical switches with lubricated stem for a smooth click feel, lubricated base housing to eliminate spring bouncing noises, fast actuation and ROG-tuned force curves for great keystroke feel with great keystroke consistency. 



ROG NX Red Mechanical Switches provide a 1.8 mm actuation point for fast input. Initial force of 40 gf helps prevent accidental keystrokes, and it extends to 55 gf for perfect rebound feedback. As a result, keystrokes are instantaneous and have a smooth and linear feel.

1.8 mm
Actuation Point

40 gf
Initial Force

55 gf
Total Force

Strix Scope Series Essentials

The ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe takes on all the classic key features of the Strix Scope series.
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Stealth Key for Instant Privacy

Stealth Key for Instant Privacy

A quick tap of the Stealth key instantly hides all apps and mutes all audio, assuring privacy the moment you need it. A second tap of the key puts everything back to just the way it was.
An icon of a function key The “plus” symbol

Quick-Toggle Function

Tapping the fn and Insert keys together enables the Quick Toggle function. It switches the top-row keys between function and media commands for work or play.
An icon of the extended control key that is 2 time wider than the usual control key

Extended Ctrl Key for FPS Accuracy

The Ctrl key has been exclusively designed so that it’s twice as wide as usual, making it easier for FPS players to find in heat of battle.

PBT Doubleshot Keycaps

ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps provide a unique and premium feel. And they also offer long-lasting durability.

Made using a precise doubleshot molding process, the translucent keycaps feature a seamless ROG script to provide consistent lighting and a look that’s unmistakably ROG.

*Keycap material may vary by region. Keycap puller not included.
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A picture showing a pair of hands using the ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe with the lower part of the hands resting on the wrist rest


The ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe comes with an ergonomic leatherette wrist rest that can be attached to the keyboard to ensure comfort during marathon gaming sessions.
A close-up shot of the keys of the ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe, showing rainbow RGB colours shining through the keycaps


Vibrant per-key backlighting illuminates the ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe from top to bottom and from edge to edge. Powered by Aura Sync, the entire color spectrum and a range of dynamic lighting effects are at your command to create a keyboard that’s uniquely yours. The lighting is easily synced with the extensive Aura ecosystem to create a gaming environment that truly shines.

*Wireless Aura Sync, only available in 2.4 GHz RF mode.
A display showing a GUI of Armoury Crate


The Armoury Crate app helps you manage every aspect of your rig – from initial setup to RGB illumination. Keep your product up-to-date with the latest updates, drivers, or manuals. You can also receive special ASUS and ROG offers, plus access to the forums to instantly connect with your gaming peers.


Save up to six profiles, including up to five custom schemes, and use them anytime, anywhere.


Every keystroke is registered accurately without miss, no matter how fast you play.


Record macros on the fly and map them to fully programmable keys.


Disable the Windows key with a single press for undisturbed gaming.


Provides a strong and stable wireless connection.


Check ROG logo backlight (green, blue, red) for battery level.

Key Switch

ROG NX Mechanical: Red


USB 2.0 (TypeC to TypeA)
RF 2.4GHz
Bluetooth 5.2

Size (Full/TKL)



Per-Key RGB LEDs




100% Anti-Ghosting

Macro Keys

All Keys Programmable On-the-Fly Recording Support (except for 'Fn')

USB Report rate

(USB Report rate)1000 Hz

Profile Hot Keys

Fn + 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6* * 6 is default

Lighting Effects Hot Keys

Fn + Right or Fn + Left

Brightness Setting Hot Keys

Fn + Up: Brightness up Fn + Down: Brightness down

Macro Hot Keys

On-the-Fly Macro Recording: Step 1: Fn + L-ALT to start recording Step 2: Fn + L-ALT to end recording Step 3: Assign new macro key

Media Hot Keys

Play/Pause (F5), Stop (F6), Previous (F7), Next (F8), Mute (F9), Volume Down (F10), Volume Up (F11). Stealth Key (F12)


Windows® 10
Windows® 11


Armoury Crate


440 x 137 x 39mm


Approx. 1166g (Including wrist rest and cable)




1 x ROG STRIX SCOPE NX WIRELESS DELUXE Keyboard 1 x 2.4 GHz Wireless Receiver 1 x USB Extender 1 x Detachable Braided Cable 1 x Quick Start Guide 1 x Wrist rest 1 x ROG Sticker 1 x Warranty Booklet
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  • Mouse Included
  • Mechanical Keyboard
  • Touchpad Included
  • Gaming Keyboard
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